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Atlantis Hydrotec® – Cost effective fibre communications through water pipes

Demands for high speed Broadband continue to grow on a global basis. Next generation ultra-high speed connectivity can only be achieved with Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH). It is one of the biggest challenges of our time, to provide full FTTH coverage, and only fibre gives a truly long term sustainable and scalable solution.

The primary reason that FTTH programmes are slow to take off is the cost to build. There have been dramatic reductions in product pricing for both active and passive components over the last 10 years, but any significant further reductions are unlikely, so system designers need to embrace more creative roll-out solutions to achieve cost reductions. Both reduced install costs and build timescales are key to the commercial success of FTTX and fibre broadband projects.

This patented and WRAS approved system is made up of specially designed fittings which are installed into the start and end locations of the supply pipes. Micro-duct is then installed between the two special fittings creating a route into which fibre can be blown, without coming into contact with the water supply.

Atlantis Hydrotec® is available in two distinct product ranges :-

The D Series is ideal for FTTX connectivity to individual homes, Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) and Gated Communities. The T Series is ideal for PTP core/trunk/distribution fibre and also for connection to remote or rural locations. The simplicity of both systems, combined with the fact that they use the existing infrastructure, means that many of the obstacles and costs experienced with traditional FTTH installations are eliminated. These offer key additional install techniques, allowing best cost options for a fibre roll-out to be selected on a case-by-case basis.

D Series – for access connections from the road to the premises

T Series – for delivery of core/trunk/distribution fibre connectivity







Benefits of the Atlantis Hydrotec® System

• Cost saving – versus traditional installation methods, giving an improved return-on-investment time

• Existing infrastructure – installations are broadly independent of length of run, type of surface, surface finish and terrain, removing variable home drop costs and the need for contingency/liability

• Time saving – no requirement for expensive excavation work, giving more rapid connections and reduced time-to-market

• Environmentally friendly - no heavy machinery required, no waste to remove from site and minimal civic disruption

• Easy to install – the D-Series system uses branch fittings similar to the ones already used by the water industry

• WRAS approved – meaning it has been accepted to the stringent standards for the UK water industry



Domestic D-Series System

Commercial T-Series System





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